An Open Letter to Candace Owens

Dear Candace Owens,

Read the room. I know you don’t care. Heavens, do I know this. I’m writing this for everyone else that is thinking it but doesn’t even know where to begin; with that being said, I don’t claim to be a spokesperson for black people. But read the damn room.

The nation is in turmoil because many people are finally waking up to the reality that they have been asleep and/or silent about the racism and brutality that exists in our police forces and many other systems. I don’t claim to be someone that is all knowing when it comes to politics and don’t like to run my mouth off regarding things I’m not knowledgeable in.

As someone like yourself that has been on the receiving end of racism and received a lump sum for your terrible experience, you should not be vilifying a black man while his family and millions grieve his death across the globe. Someone needs to have fallen deeply down to a dark place of hatred to dig into someone’s past to find any kind of excuse as to why people shouldn’t be outraged about the unjustly murder of yet another unarmed and innocent black person.

Although you say that you hope Floyd’s family receives justice, there was absolutely no reason why you needed to bring up his past for the people who eagerly condone your hate speech and root it on. No one claimed that Floyd was perfect. His past has nothing to do with the fact that officer Chauvin murdered him by kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and in doing so took an innocent life. To bring up Floyd’s past while his death is being mourned is to attempt to justify his death, at least that is the message that is being sent out, despite whatever your intentions may be.

Officer Chauvin, and every single officer that stood there watching him commit murder and did nothing, deserve the consequences being handed to them. Whatever Floyd did in his past, his life did not deserve to be ended over a $20 bill that did not end up even being counterfeit.

I don’t care if you’re black and conservative or independent or liberal it’s not okay to spew hateful rhetoric while families are grieving the death of their child and a nation is grieving another injustice.

You’re free to have your opinions. Your free to post them on your social media channels. But Candace Owens, just as I don’t speak for the black community, you do not speak for this black woman. Be well.